How did Water Wise Wisdom blog come about? Well, I used to work for the Water Wise program at the University of Arizona  – Cochise County Cooperative Extension in the beautiful city of Sierra Vista.  The only multi-purpose water conservation program within the Arizona State Cooperative Extension system. The program has been around for over 21 years. Pretty cool, huh?

I lived, breathed and drank all the wisdom (and Kool-aid) I could in the time I was there; working excessive hours and more weekends than I can count. In short, I became a water wise junkie and my only fix is writing cool and insightful things about water. My goal is to let Water Wise Wisdom flow everywhere!

I no longer work for the University and am “doing my thing” in a number of capacities. I’m a Water Conservation Specialist, Writer and believe-it-or-not, an Intuitive Counselor (visit my website at http://www.SpiritEarthHealing.com).

In terms of mundane things, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology-Chemistry; an M.A. in Energy & Environmental Studies and an M.S. in Public Affairs.

So come on – catch a wave and join me!

Warm Regards,

Sandra Hurlbut