A Fluid Welcome!

This blog is primarily an educational site about water. I’m a firm believer in what I call “edutainment”.  I want to inspire you with insightful information and ideas and have fun doing it. So many of my posts will be edgy and will hopefully get you to think out outside of the box.

Why water? We often forget how important water is to us. Without it, most of wouldn’t live more than 3-5 days! Something to think about?

There’s lots of areas we’ll be delving into – most having to do with conservation and water awareness. We’ll chat about technical innovations,  politics, industry trends, regional and even global issues…and of course waste water and sewage. Yup – they’re becoming really important as our fresh water resources continue to become depleted around the world.

So stand by as we work our way through the WordPress system to bring you lots of great stuff to ponder and some things which may provoke you.

Thanks for stopping by!

-Sandra Hurlbut